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Just Released: Interview with Brandon Smith of the Bluestem Project Podcast

A number of months ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with a college friend and mentor, Brandon, to share our story with him and his podcast audience at the Bluestem Project.

As far as a long-form interview goes, this is by far the most in-depth recorded conversation I've had with someone sharing our story.

Yesterday was the launch of that episode! I am excited for you all to hear our conversation.

The conversation is raw and emotional. Brandon and I are two friends that are also two dads who are each walking difficult journeys. Even through all of the grief and sadness, I hope that our conversation encourages you that even in the most difficult times, God is still good.

Search for the Bluestem Project on Apple Podcasts or Spotify (along with a host of other podcasting platforms) - or click the links below.

How to Listen

Next Steps

I would encourage you to listen to the rest of the episodes of the Bluestem Project Podcast as well. Brandon and Amy's personal story is the reason the podcast exists in the first place and shares the hope and faith of a couple that is walking the road of medical hardship throughout their son Beckett's life. Follow their journey through their Facebook page at Bluestem Project.

My prayer for this interview with Brandon is that you would be encouraged that even in the most difficult times in life God is still Good. Like Brandon said, sometimes God uses what He hates, to accomplish what He loves.

He loves when His creation turns from their own selfishness and sin towards Him as Lord of their life.

If you have your own podcast or would like to sit down with me at some point, I'd love to work out a way to make that happen. You could either email me, call, or text (all of the information is found on the Contact Page). OR if you would like Ryne to jump on a podcast that you are a part of, please fill out this form.

If you have follow-up questions or would like to discuss any element of our story, please contact me (either through email, phone call, or text - all of the information is found on the Contact Page) or leave a comment down below.


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