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The Power of Yet - Day 30 of the 30 Days of Thankfulness

Throughout my life, whether in athletics or education, there has been lots of talk about mindset.

We probably all know the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. I am willing to bet that you know generally which mindset you default to as well.

Essentially it comes down to (according to expert Carol Dweck) the individual view of intelligence. Is it possible to learn and grow or is what you know, all you know?

This sounds crazy to me to even think with a fixed mindset, but we all know people - and you might be one of them.

But here’s the thing, so am I - in some things. Sometimes I catch myself thinking and believing all of the “Fixed Mindset” beliefs.

  • I give up easily when obstacles arise.

  • I don’t want to make a mistake.

  • I compare myself to others that are further down the line than me and I get frustrated that they are better than me.

  • I ignore useful feedback from others.

People that know me understand that most of the time my mindset is focused on growth. But there are times when the fixed mindset creeps in and steals the potential joy that comes from believing improvement is possible.

Want to know a super secret way to change a fixed mindset statement into a growth mindset statement? Add three simple letters…


Let’s run down the rabbit trail of yet with a few quick examples of the power of yet:

I don’t have a literary agent that has taken me on as a client…yet.

I haven’t built an email list and subscriber base that will get me noticed…yet.

This one is from one of Carol Dweck’s TedTalks - found here

Instead of giving a failing grade to students that don’t get a high enough grade in a course, a Chicago school doesn’t issue a grade of “F” - instead, on the report card the grade reads “Not Yet.”

See how powerful those three letters become? Instead of telling a student that they are a failure, the school is telling the student that they are on a learning continuum and there is an opportunity for growth.

I am thankful that there is a simple word that can have an immediate impact on my mindset and outlook.

So, today, as I continue to venture into the space of being a creative and writing, I need to hold on to yet all of the time.

I don’t have social media and algorithms figured out…yet.

I haven’t started my dream of a podcast…yet.

I haven’t gotten an agent to accept my work…yet.

But those can still happen.

So the final question is this - have you used the power of yet?


November 30th.

I’m so glad that I made it. Thirty days in a row publishing a blog post is a big deal for me. For some, it probably isn’t, but it had been three months before I hit publish on the Halloween reflection post on November 1st. And I am now hitting publish for the 30th time in 30 days.

But even more than the number of times publishing, accomplishing a goal that I set for myself, and all of the experience I’ve had writing for an audience each day comes this - I am way more willing to be thankful at the end of the month than at the beginning.

Reflecting on thankfulness has led me to be more thankful. Thankful for the BIG things (see days 4, 5, 14, 23, 29) and the little things (pretty much any other day).

I hope that these 30 Days have helped you become a little more thankful as well.


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